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They hate and even kill followers

The Spirits Are Vile and Vicious

In this chapter, we will notice several intriguing facts about the demon spirits, the demons of witchcraft who pretend to be departed dead.

(1) They utter information which is foolish, trivial, and very often untrue. (2) They are totally evil, vile, and hateful. (3) They are quite rude, and pester everyone willing to become a follower. (4) They get people to kill animals and injure and murder people. (5) It is extremely dangerous to consult a spirit or spiritualist, for it can bring great injury to your mind and body. (6) They terrify, injure, and frequently kill their own followers.

Why then is anyone attracted to the spirit world? It is because of the sense of power which is there. These individuals hope to gain some of that power. But the power remains with the spirits—and it is a power to control the minds and bodies of men and women! Instead of gaining hoped-for power, those who delve into witchcraft and allied evil arts—are themselves overpowered! They are captured and become depressed, mean, and hateful—just like the demons now in possession of them.

By the way, there is no such thing as “white magick,” something that is safe to do. There is no such thing as “nice spirits.” All of Satan’s angels are evil and cruel like their master.

The demons utter information which is foolish, trivial, and very often untrue. It is not worth going to listen to, much less the great peril that such contact brings by going.

“Despite untold numbers of hours of alleged utterances, most of the spirit ‘messages’ are inexpressibly tedious, inane, pointless. Most objective investigators complain that a majority of the strange communications are patently nonsensical and self-contradictory.

“This untrustworthiness of communications purporting to emanate from the ‘spirit world’ was stressed by English physicist Sir Oliver Lodge [a dedicated spiritualist himself], who depreciated the calumny, distortion, and evil of the messages in the course of transmission . . Direct deception has been admittedly present at all stages of spiritualism’s history. In fact, the spiritualist journal, The Medium (May 2, 1874), printed a letter headed, ‘Is There Any Remedy for Lying Spirits?’ ”—Leroy Edwin Froom, Spiritualism Today, p. 36.

“One of the most alarming things about the mediumistic racket is how completely some people put their lives into the hands of ill-educated, emotionally unbalanced individuals who claim a hot line to heaven. As a medium, I was routinely asked about business decisions, marital problems, whether to have an abortion, how to improve sexual performance, and similar intimate and important subjects. That people who ask such questions of a medium are risking their mental, moral and monetary health is a shocking but quite accurate description of the matter.”—M. Lamar Keene, Psychic Mafia, p. 22.

They are extremely rude, and continually pester those willing to become followers.

“Eminent spiritualists constantly complain that ‘they are frequently plagued by the intruding spirits of devils’ (Sir Oliver Lodge, Raymon, p. xi). Stainton Moses, another spiritualist, in Spirit Teachings, warns of ‘foes of God and man’ who are malignant spirits (p. 243). In another book, he tells how a ‘motley crowd’ of spirits rush in, ‘eager to seek communication with living men’ (Spirit Identity, p. 16). As a result, there is fraud and conniving by ‘malignant, depraved, cunning, and untruthful spirits’ (ibid.). It is not a wholesome picture. But these are some of the unconcealable ‘fruits’ on the tree of spiritualism.”—Leroy Edwin Froom, Spiritualism Today, p. 36.

The evil spirits are evil, vile, and hateful.

“Sir William Barrett, who often took part in experiments with Mrs. Travers Smith, goes a step further and tells of depraved communication ‘interspersed with profane and occasionally obscene language’ (The Threshold of the Unseen, p. 250). Another writer says that ‘mischievous messages’ are often followed by ‘mental damage’ to the medium (Mable V. Robertson, The Other Side of God’s Door, Preface). Others likewise write of the ‘evil spirits’ that inject themselves and seek to degrade the medium (T.A.R. Purchas, The Spiritual Adventures of a Business Man, pp. 218-219). Such fruitage obviously comes from beneath.”—Ibid.

These evil spirits get people to kill animals, and injure and murder people.

“Murder after murder has been linked to the [witchcraft and spirit séance] craze, with the murderers openly admitting to police or to reporters that they worshiped Satan. Police, more and more frequently, are finding grim evidence of both animal and human sacrifices.”—George Vandeman, Psychic Roulette, p. 100.

“The worship of Satan has deep historical roots. Known as satanism, it is found expressed in various ways. Black magic, so-called “white magic,” the Black Mass, facets of the drug culture, and blood sacrifice all have connections with satanism.

(In Escape from Witchcraft, Roberta Blankenship explains what two girls, both satanists, wrote to her as part of their initiation ritual):

“They had to go to a graveyard in the dead of night, walk across a man-sized cross, and denounce any belief in Christ. Afterwards, a ritual was performed and the girls had to drink the blood of animals that had been skinned alive.”—Roberta Blankenship, Escape from Witchcraft, p. 1.

“In April 1973, the battered, mutilated body of a 17-year-old boy, Ross ‘Mike’ Cochran, was found outside of Daytona Beach, Florida. An Associated Press story said, ‘The verdict of police is that Coch­ran was the victim of devil worshipers, killed in a frenzied sacrificial ritual.’

“Lynn McMillon, Oklahoma Christian College professor, reports, ‘One variety of satanism consists primarily of sex clubs that embellish their orgies with satanist rituals. Another variety of satanists use street drugs in their rites.’ ”—Lynn Walker, Supernatural Power and the Occult, p. 1.

It is extremely dangerous to consult a spirit or spiritualist, for it can bring great injury to your mind and body.

“Dr. Franz Volgyesi, an outstanding physician, for a time took part in spiritualistic phenomena through the services of a medium called Lazlo. As a demonstration of the influence of spiritualistic activity on the medium, Volgyesi wrote: ‘Then Lazlo suffered much hard luck, sickness, and emotional upsets. He pushed many men, who came to him seeking guidance through the spirits, to the point of suicide.’ Finally he and a girl friend decided to com­­mit suicide themselves. With their arms around each other, Lazlo put a bullet through both of them in the region of the heart. The girl died, but he recovered . . After my experience with Lazlo I stopped the personal work and investigations that I had begun in the spirit world. It is too dangerous.”—Franz Volgyesi, The Soul is Everything, p. 289.

“Obsessional fascination is common and serious, for the person is completely captivated. The spirit that dominates him takes possession of his confidence, and even paralyzes his own judgment.”—Allan Kardec, What is Spiritualism? pp. 95-96.

Dr. Merrill F. Unger, author of four books on occultism and demons, wrote this:
“The psychic bondage and oppression that traffickers in occultism themselves suffer, as well as their dupes, is horrifying to contemplate.”—M.F. Unger, Demons in the World Today, p. 95.

“Both psychiatry and psychology recognize the adverse effects of spiritistic activity upon the mind. Symptoms of split personality appear after sustained dealings in the occult. Psychiatry defines the resulting disorder as mediumistic psychosis.”—Ibid., p. 59.

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, a trial attorney, has authored or edited several books on the occult. He wrote this:

“There is a definite correlation between negative occult activity and madness. European psychiatrist L. Szondi has shown a high correlation between involvement in spiritualism and occultism, on one hand, and schizophrenia on the other. The tragedy of most sorcery, invocation of demons, and related practices is that those who carry on these activities refuse to face the fact that they always turn out for the worst. What is received through the Faustian past never satisfies, and one pays with one’s soul in the end.”—J.W. Montgomery, Principalities and Powers: the World of the Occult, p. 149.

“This obsessional subjugation [of the person to the spirit] is a physical coercion always produced by these very evil spirits, which can, when they wish, totally neutralize his free will. Sometimes it is limited to simple disagreeable impressions; sometimes it causes disorderly movements, such as shouts and incoherent or insulting words.”—Allan Kar­dec, What is Spiritualism? p. 96.

“Dr. Carl A. Wickland, M.D., a physician, accomplished spiritist, and researcher in psychology . . became an acknowledged authority in the area of spiritism and the occult . . Wickland’s life was similar to that of the great Emanuel Swedenborg, the famous spiritist of the eighteenth century. Though both Swedenborg and Wickland practiced spiritism extensively, both issued stern warnings about its dangers. He said ‘a great number of unaccountable suicides are due to the possessing influence of spirits. Some of these spirits are actuated by a desire to torment their victims’ (Wickland, Thirty Years Among the Dead, p. 132). —Yet they are tormenting their own followers!

“According to his own extensive experience, he observed that spiritism frequently causes ‘apparent insanity, varying in degrees from a simple mental aberration to, and including, all types of dementia, hysteria, epilepsy, melancholia, shell shock, kleptomania, idiocy, suicidal mania, as well as amnesia, functional bestiality, atrocities, and other forms of criminality’ (ibid., p. 17).

“In fact, his book devotes entire chapters to the spirits’ influence in fostering suicide, criminal practices, drug use, and other unsavory activities. ‘In many cases of revolting murder, investigation will show that the crimes were committed by innocent persons under the control of disembodied spirits’ (ibid., p. 116).
“Wickland is not alone in his assessment of the psychological dangers of occult practice. Some authorities think that a significant percentage of those institutionalized in mental hospitals may be suffering from mental illness induced by occult practice and/or demonization . . Dr. Koch mentions . . a Christian psychiatrist who believes that up to half of the inmates in his psychiatric clinic are suffering from occult oppression rather than true mental illness . .

“Roger L. Moore, psychologist of religion at Chicago Theological Seminary, observes that ‘there are haunting parallels’ between the paranoid schizophrenic and the deeply involved occultist. He also stated at a four-day symposium of the American Academy of Religion, ‘Participation in the occult is dangerous for persons who are the most interested in it . . A lot of them have become paranoid psychotics’ (R. L. Moore, quoted in Los  Angeles Times, December 30, 1977).”—John Ankerberg and John Weldon, The Facts on the Occult, p. 27.

These demons terrify, injure, and frequently kill their own followers—including spiritist mediums and channelers.

The demon spirits are so evil and hateful that when the spiritualist mediums, who have dedicated their lives to their control, become old and less useful—very often the demons inflict on them great suffering and finally an agonizing death.

This has happened repeatedly. God cannot help those poor sufferers; for long ago, they have cursed, reviled, and rejected Him. And they have no more desire to return to their Creator, who alone is able to deliver them. They totally lack the protection from devils which the good angels give to the children of God.

In the Bible, demons are presented as inflicting numerous physical and psychological ailments upon their victims. Many of these parallel today’s cases of channeling [the name for modern spiritist seances). The array of symptoms suggest the possibility of virtual monopoly over the workings of the human mind and body: skin disease (Job 2:7), destructive and irrational acts (Matt. 8:28; Luke 8:27), deafness and inability to speak (Mark 9:25; Luke 11:14), epileptic-like seizures (Matt. 17:15; Mark 9:17-18; Luke 9:39), blindness (Matt. 12:22), tormenting pain (Rev. 9:1-11), insanity (Luke 8:26-35), severe physical deformity (Luke 13:11-17), and other symptoms. Demons can attempt to murder a person (Matt. 17:15, 18).

“If I stayed in mediumship I saw only deepening gloom. All the mediums I’ve known or known about have had tragic endings.

“The Fox sisters, who started it all, wound up as alcoholic derelicts. William Slade, famed for his slate-writing tricks, died insane in a Michigan sanitarium. Margery, the medium, lay on her deathbed a hopeless drunk. The celebrated Arthur Ford fought the battle of the bottle to the very end and lost . . Wherever I looked it was the same: mediums at the end of a tawdry life.”—M. Lamar Keene, Psychic Maffia, pp. 147-148.

“There are many cases where occult activity has directly resulted in the destruction of human life. It is not just that there are a few cases; the fact is there are thousands of them littered throughout the history of religion, occultism, spiritism, and parapsychology—mental illness, suicide, physical crippling, blindness, death. People who would never think of playing Russian Roulette with a gun, even once, or who would never deliberately take a dangerous drug, have a very good reason for their decisions. The odds of disaster are too high. Yet the odds of harming oneself from occult practices are apparently just as high or higher. What is amazing is that the evidence is there for all to see and yet it is ignored.”—John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Facts on Spirit Guides, p. 38.

“I have found that nine out of 10 cases of occult involvement result in harming people. This is supported by many thousands of examples.”—Kurt Koch, Occult Bondage and Deliverance, p. 130.
“Many mediums are mentally unbalanced to a degree that verges on actual insanity. And only the most credulous, among their changing clientele who seek their guidance, can remain blind to the fact. Very many mediums show marked evidence of paranoia.”—D.H. Rawcliffe, Illusions and Delusions of the Supernatural and the Occult, p. 172.

“Most people do not know that the famous medium Arthur Ford became a morphine addict and alcoholic, which caused him no end of grief much of his life. Bishop James Pike died a tragic death from his involvement in spiritism. Medium Jane Roberts died at the young age of 55. Others became addicted to drugs.

“Medium Edgar Cayce, a large man (6’ 2’’) died in misery weighing a mere 60 pounds. The biography on Cayce by Joseph Millard reveals the extent of suffering Cayce’s occult involvement cost him—from psychic attacks to mysterious fires, erratic personality changes and emotional torments, constant bad luck and personal setback, plus guilt induced by psychic readings that ruined others’ lives. Many channelers seem to succumb to various vices later in life, from sexual immorality to numbing their conscience, to alcoholism and drug addiction, to crime and worse.”—John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Facts on Spirit Guides, p. 39.

“Many, many magicians and people who deal with spirits have been strangled or killed. I know because I’ve been near quite a few of these cases.”—Sri Chinmoy, Astrology and the Beyond, p. 62. [He is a spiritist adviser at the United Nations].

“Dr. Kurt Koch observed, after 45 years of counseling the occultly oppressed, that from his own experience ‘numerous cases of suicides, fatal accidents, strokes and insanity are to be observed among occult practitioners.’ And that ‘anyone who has had to observe, for 45 years, the effects of spiritism can only warn people with all the strength at his disposal’ (Kurt Koch, Occult Bondage and Deliverance, p. 31; also see Kurt Koch, Occult ABC, p. 238).”—John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Facts on Spirit Guides, p. 40.

The following statement is highly significant. Whenever someone who has dabbled in spiritualism—even the spirit mediums themselves—try, even slightly, to cut loose from the control of the spirits,—they will be struck by various diseases as punishment to keep them from leaving. Then, when they stop trying to leave, the diseases are removed. —Yet all the while, whether or not they try to leave, their bodies and minds gradually deteriorate from the effects of their connection with demons.

“Over many years, the very act of channeling [spiritist mediumship] itself appears to have a destructive effect upon the human body. It is as if there is a type of, for lack of a better word, ‘psychic vampirism’ at work which slowly eats away at a person’s physical constitution.

“Time and again in the lives of psychics, mediums and spiritualists, we have observed the power of the spirits in holding their captives to do their will (2 Tim. 2:24-26). When one attempts to suppress their channeling or mediumship [i.e., try to escape from the spirit’s control], for example, the result will frequently be symptoms of disease or other serious problems, forcing a return to the practice.”—John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Facts on Spirit Guides, p. 40.

In view of such facts as those found in this chapter,—why would you want to have anything to do with any books, movies, pictures, magazines, music, or even toys which might lead you toward an interest in witchcraft?